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Burpee Total:  Rest day or make up a day missed.

7 Rounds For Time

7 Front Squats #135 #95

7 Pull-ups

  1. hamilton Reply
    yes if there is no scheduled total for the burpee you still get a point it's just an off day. You also have the chance to make up your point if you missed a day.
  2. carl Reply
    Alison. Sorry I am so slow. Just read your question from yesterday about protein. I think there are egg-based powders, but I don't know any brands. Maybe check GNC? My favorite protein fast food is hard boiled eggs. I make some each night and only eat the whites after workouts (most of the fats and other stuff is in the yolks). good luck.
  3. Dawn Reply's only day 3 and dying for a piece of chocolate!!! I know someone is going to be very happy they can make up a burpee day today....
  4. Alison Reply
    Thanks Carl, good idea. Just heard about throwing the yolk away from someone else today. No doubt that my lack of chocolate over the past 3 days will hopefully counteract all of the egg yolks I have consumed lately. Dawn, I would sell my left kidney for a piece of dark chocolate right now!
  5. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Coach Dave - love what you did with the place.

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