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6am class has been cancelled.  Sorry for any inconvenience!!  Back on

scedule at 10am.

Day 3 CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge!!


Burpee Total:  5 X 5 Burpee Broad Jump.  1 minute rest between sets.

At home wod for the challenge this week:  10 X 100 meter sprints.  walk back is rest.




Push Press 2-2-2-2-2

Power Clean 2-2-2-2-2

  1. Ron Reply
    I have to start checking the site before I drive in.
  2. Jane Reply
    Stretch and I were there too!
  3. Stretch Reply
    i checked at 5:45 and it wasn't on there. Thankfully Jane was there to tell me it was cancelled. I was actually looking forward to the strength workout
  4. Donk Reply
    Same here. Finally got my ass up to get in there for another early class. I got there a few minutes late and no one was there. I thought I missed the cancelled update when I checked the site in the morning. Maybe I'll get up for tomorrow.
  5. Melo Reply
    Dig the new floor plans coach!!

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