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Burpee Total:  50 Burpees

  1. Dawn Reply
    can't wait to see the new and improved box!
  2. Alison Reply
    Hi Paleo Gurus, I need some help. I am doing the challenge and I am struggling with my post-WOD meal. I had told Coach Dave that I am interested in losing fat also, so I know that I am supposed to stay away from the starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes, and nuts. So he suggested whey protein with some coconut milk after my workout. But when I went to look at 100% whey protein powders today, everyone of them had some soy and dairy in them. Is that the norm? Are there any that don't contain milk and soy? Does anyone have any suggestions for a post-WOD meal that doesn't contain veggies and/or weight gaining carbs? Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the box tomorrow also!
  3. hamilton Reply
    I fixed the points system. Ready to go. :) Katye
  4. Danielle Reply
    Hey Alison- For me some of the best post Wod meals were straight up MEAT. During the first challenge I ate a lot of grass fed jerky, Paleo-Stix, and chicken sausages for my post Wod meals. At one point I was eating strips of london broil, grilled chicken, meatloaf,etc. I was pretty delirious by the end of the challenge. I think Margo sometimes brought in scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, and sausage too. These were effective for me during the first challenge- and I'm hoping they are for this one as well. They are pretty convenient and easy to eat after a wod. They actually make you feel like a cave-woman. True story. Hope this helps! Good luck! Dear REAL Paleo Gurus- If for some reason this is totally off and I'm giving Alison bad advice, please call me out and tell me how to fix it. Thank you!
  5. Barry Reply
    Allison, Whey protien comes from milk so you will not find one without dairy. I differ from coach a little bit on this one. I agree starchy veggies should be avoided if you are trying to lose fat. However, other veggies are ok post workout. Brussel sprout, broccoli etc. should be ok and eggs are a great post work out protien. Just meat is fine too but without some carbs from veggies you will find your recovery will be slower and your energy over time will be down if you go super low carb. It is up to you how low to go just pay attention to your body. With that said, personally I stay away from any fats post WOD as well as my second post WOD meal. Fat will inhibit the up take of protien as it is digested and your muscles will not get the full benefit in that 30 minute window after you work out. So I stay away from things like coconut milk until later in the day. This way you are building as much lean muscle as you can by maximizing that post workout window which in the long run will increase the amount of fat you burn. Finally, I am sure you are aware, but stay away from fruit or any sugar for that matter post workout as it gets metabolized immediately through your liver instead of repleshing the glycogen depletion your muscles have experienced during your workout. That severely inhibits your recovery and depending how sensitive you are to insulin spikes, it may lead to a crash later making it harder to get through the day and increasing cravings for more sugar. Just my opinion. Everyone is different so if you want to experiment with different approaches go for it but be keen to how you feel and what your progress is so you can make adjustments on the fly. Best of luck with the challenge.
  6. Alison Reply
    Thanks Danielle and Barry-I will try some of your suggestions today. Congrats Barry on your newest addition, I am truly amazed that you can still put together a coherent sentence with a newborn in the house!

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