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Day 1  ” CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge”

Burpee Total:  3 sets of 15 unbroken at 3 different times today.

** Space each set between 2 and 5 hours of each other.

** Perform each set as fast as possible.


Schedule Update:  8am class only today!!  11am class is cancelled due to

changes being made in the gym.



Bench Press #BW #3/4 BW



  1. Dawn Reply
    Linda and I are going to run Clayton Park trails tomorrow morning @ 7 am. Clayton Park is out by the Cream Ridge, Imlaystown area. Linda's husband will be there and hopefully others. Come out and join us and get your run on!! Should be beautiful if there is some snow left on the ground!!! If you want to go and don't know how to get there I can meet you @ the gym to carpool.
  2. hamilton Reply
    Dear Dawn, You're the coolest. I have a really great pic of us fron the xmas party. Email CFH with your phone # and I'll text it to you. :) Katye

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