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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Fitness and Nutrition Challenge!!!

The new point system is up for the Challenge!!  It is under the photo section on the blog titled 2011 CFH Challenge (I’m working on changing it to 2012).  The system is a little different this time, we have made some changes for the better in my opinion.  In addition to the challenge is the burpee total.  Each day i will be giving a burpee wod for you to complete and every day the wod will be different!!!  Remember you’ll have to keep a journal and track your meals.  You will also have to meet with a coach once a week.  This is the only way to keep you strict and on track.  This is a serious commitment and any one who tells you it’s easy is not doing it right or not doing Paleo 100%.  If you have any questions please talk to your coaches and fellow members so that you can get yourself prepared before we start.



Muscle-Up Practice


30 Muscle-Ups For Time


10 Minute Amrap.

5 CTB Pull-ups

5 Ring Dips


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  1. Sam N Reply
    Coach, Trying to prep for the Challenge, excuse my lack of knowledge: Is there a Whey protein that you would recommend? Does a protein shake after the WOD count as a meal?

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