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Schedule Update!!!  Sunday open gym is

cancelled until further notice.  If we have a big

enough request we will bring back a Sunday

scheduled class.

“CFH Best Shape of Your Life” Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

It’s after the holidays, and now is the time to get your fitness back on track and your nutrition in check. This challenge will be a little different from the last one which was a huge success.  We saw amazing results in everyone that participated and encourage everyone to participate and like the last challenge there will be something for everyone no matter what your goals.

So what is the challenge and how can a CFH athlete get involved? This time it will be 30-days instead of 45( too long!!)  and is still based on points won or lost during the challenge. Points are earned by eating Paleo only meals, with bonus points for meal frequency, workout frequency, adequate water and sleep, and eating mountains of vegetables. Points will be lost for cheat meals, not having post-workout meals, not supplementing with fish oil, drinking alcohol and working out less than three times a week.

To begin the challenge, a participant buys in with $50. Don’t worry you have a chance to win some money back. This time it’s mandatory that you keep a journal and meet with a coach once a week for the duration of the challenge. Participants will test their performance on the workout “Christine” which will be given at the start and end of the challenge.

If you need more incentive, prizes are awarded for best changes in body composition, best improvement in performance. and total points winner.  Depending upon participant’s point totals at the end of the challenge, they can win back some of their money.

Things you need to know:

Best Shape of Your Life Challenge begins January 21st and is completed on February 21st.  Start researching the paleo diet!!!  Talk to your coaches, other members, past challenge participants.  Make the commitment, do your homework, and get yourself prepared!!  We have a major support system within the walls at CFH and I will stay until the end of time to answer all of your questions about this but absolutely no whining, crying, or complaining about it being to hard or not understanding the diet.  No excuses!


Point System and Sign-up info coming soon!!!


” Fight Gone Bad “

Wall Ball Shots

SDHP #75 #55

Box Jumps #20

Push Press

Row (calories)








  1. Jules Reply
    Soo bummed about Sunday classes!!!!!!!!! I loved them and request them back!
  2. Silva Reply
    Sunday ain't beat, lets talk this out. My vote is to keep sundays.
  3. Greg P Reply
    There were Sunday classes?! Are there any cinnabuns there on Sundays?!

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