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” Fran “


Thruster #95 #65



Ghd Sit-ups 3 X 15

  1. Stretch Reply
    I Stretch will take on the New Years Resolution to post more on the board !!! I just need someone to answer me I can only do so much talking by myself Danielle thanks for the motivation :)
  2. Barry Reply
    Way to handle Fran by yourself this morning stretch. That is how you get ready for tax season!
  3. Danielle Reply
    I knew I could count on you Stretch! Do work!
  4. Stretch Reply
    Barry - Thanks man, tough when you're all alone, but you and Carl were such a help. Danielle - Stop by at 6am sometime, it's early but you do never know what will happen that early. Plus you can whip up on Stretch and show him how it's done. Yes, i did type in the third person
  5. Joey D Reply
    If anyone wants to feel the hurt even more------>do a Tabata style "Fran"
  6. Dawn Reply
    so upset I missed Fran, really I am. I was going to beat this beoch today! Life got in the way though, damn it. Hate when that happens. I must make this up and tackle Fran on Sunday. If anyone else missed it and wants to join me?

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