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3 Rounds

45 Sec.  Max Press #95 #65

45 Sec Rest.

45 Sec. Max CTB Pull-ups

45 Sec Rest.

45 Sec. Max Push Press

45 Sec Rest.

45 Sec. Max Row for Calories

  1. Jake L Reply
    Just want to say I'm so glad my sister showed me Crossfit and my life hasn't been the same ever since (in the best way possible). Everything has changed for me and it's all thanks to the coaches and people at CFH that gave me a healthier lifestyle and more self-confidence. Have a great new year everyone and be safe!
  2. Jen Reply
    Happy New Year Everyone! Barry - Costco no longer has grass fed beef. Very bummed about that. Its now organic beef (no antibiotics or hormones). $4.49 a lb.
  3. carl Reply
    still a pretty good price. what cuts?
  4. Barry Reply

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