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You must learn to crawl before you can walk

We have a lot of new members at CFH

and most of you have only been crossfitting

for a couple of months.  Every day you come

to the gym there is going to be some movements

or skills whether it be weightlifting gymnastic

or even kettle bell that give you a hard time

and frustrate the hell of you.  Welcome to the

club!!!!  I have some good news and some

bad news for you.  The good news is everyone

has weaknesses or atleast struggles with certain

movements, the bad news is that it never

gets any easier you just get better!!!  Your

always going to be challenging yourself to learn

new skills and more importantly become

extremly efficient at all the ones you already

know.  I get asked all the time how can I get

a muscle up, double under, hand stand, climb

a rope, or be able to snatch!!!  Well I have

more bad news.  You have to put in

the TIME!!!!!!  Challenge yourself and put

in quality time on movements and skills that

your having trouble with.  Pick one and train

it for a week.  designate 10 mins every time you

come in and get after it.  Now lets take a step

back because depending on your current

fitness level you have to take the correct steps

in attacking your weaknesses.  It’s not a good

thing when your trying to do ring dips without

assistance when you can’t even do 5 strict

push-ups nor is it baddddassss to use a 20lb

medball when you don’t even come close to

hitting the 10ft target.  Whether it’s putting to

much weight on the bar or not scaling correctly

you are not going to progress unless you do it

the right way!!!  Honestly I don’t see a lot of

this in the gym and I want you all to know that

I am really proud of the way everyone is moving.

I absolutely love how supportive everyone is and

the gains that I see from all of you are

amazing!!  The point is I want you to be more

patient and take the time to learn the movements

and this and only this will get you to where

you want to be.  At CFH we do it the right way

and I refuse to let you leave my gym otherwise.

More to come!





5 X 1   3 POS Clean (Floor/Hang-Pause/High Hang)






Deadlift #225 #155


400 Meter Run




Partner Wheelbarrow Carries

  1. Jay Reply
    Words of wisdom Coach...This is why I check this website and am glad I got my start at CFH. Keep up the good work everyone and have a safe and happy new year! Are you guys doing that run on the 1st this year?
    • Linda Cuilla Reply
      Well said Coach. I have learned so much since June. Can't wait to learn more. Happy New Year to you all.
  2. carl Reply
    word, Coach. thanks for the encouragement.
  3. Tripp Reply
    DAMMMNNNNNNNNNNNITTTTTTTT Dave!!!! I was hoping you would pull the "Ditka" with the "Good News and Bad News" hahahaha would have been legendary!!!

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