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Rope Climbs


5 X 20 Meter Front Rack Barbell Carry


100 Burpees For Time


Back Ext 3 X 15

  1. Danielle Reply
    Good one Coach! So seriously, what's the WOD today? I'm not going to lie, I am sad to miss rope climbs today, but borderline ecstatic to miss the 100 burpees. Thanks for the "suggested" rest day! Hopefully I'll actually finish my shopping! Happy WODding everyone!
  2. Dawn Reply
    just make sure you shop for time Danielle with the prescribed weight of gifts for each round!
  3. Stretch Reply
    Nice to see somebody posting on the board other than me and my mindless drivel
  4. Danielle Reply
    What can I say Stretch? You're an inspiration. (Especially now that I know you actually exist and aren't just a made up CFH morning crew member.)
  5. Stretch Reply
    That's my goal, i inspire greatness for all on the message board !!!
  6. Dawn Reply
    Thanks everyone for your food donations! I dropped them off today to help the soup kitchen in Trenton that recently had a fire and destroyed much, if not all, of their stock. Thanks for your CFH awesomeness!
    • Danielle Reply
      Thank you for collecting Dawn!
  7. Beth Reply
    Thanks Dawn!!

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