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10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of

Deadlift #275 #205

Ring Push-up


Bird Dogs 3 X 15

  1. Jay Reply
    Good party on Friday. It was good to see everyone. Hope you all have a great holiday and a happy New Year! CONGRATS to Dave and Kayte!
  2. Danielle Reply
    YAY! So happy for you guys :) I think this means we need to have another CF party to celebrate. Right?
  3. Stretch Reply
    Congrats to Dave and Katye !!!!! It was also really great to finally put faces to names and meet all of the night crew. Thank you for welcoming a Morning Crew stranger. Oh and i'm all for more parties !!!!
  4. Barry Reply
    Wait....what did I miss?
  5. Matt Reply
    Cheers for Coach and Katye. Well done!
  6. Jules Reply
    Congrats Dave and Katye! Umm... Anyone maybe possibly interested in doing tough mudder in poconos in April on Sunday I'm thinking about signing up and we could start a little team ?! :) feel free to say yes it will be fun and cold !:)
  7. Jules Reply
    Dawn if ur out there ?!
  8. Greg P Reply
    Jules, am I going crazy, or is the April event already sold out for both days?! It seems that's the case, which is why they opened the "Pennsylvania Round 2" event on May 12 & May 13. On the bright side...May would be warmer than April. PS - As team captain, you'd be responsible for getting everyone else over the walls first, and then would need to find a way to get over them yourself. Just an FYI. I'm pretty sure it's in the Tough Mudder by-laws.
  9. Greg P Reply
    Aaaand seconds later I realize that only Saturday is sold out, not Sunday. That's what I get for being a wise ass.
  10. Jules Reply
  11. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Congrats to Coach Dave and Katye on your engagement. Let the fun begin
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