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CFH Christmas Party is this Friday Dec 16th @7pm.

Schedule update: Both Friday and Sturday classes

this week are canceled!! Sorry for any



Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5


3 Rounds

400 Meter run

21 Sit-ups

12 DB Alternating Split Jerks #50 #35

  1. Tripp Reply
    Dear Crossfit Champions, I have an understanding that there is a CFH Christmas banger tomorrow. I am sure that my aunt and David, Jr will be doing there best to decorate appropriately. However, it breaks my heart that I can not be there to take one powershot with Cortina and have him leave in the middle of the party to pursue female talent. To have an incredible record at the beer pong championship table with Nikko La Rocca. Slip and slide across the bathroom floor or take over the jute box to play only the finest 80′s tunes. More importantly, I am going to miss being dropped off that night and waking up a few hours later outside in my backyard. I hope all of you have an OVER THE TOP holiday. Continue to listen to my motherlovin cousin, he knows his shit. FACT. Train like warriors. I will celebrate hard Korean style this weekend, like I do everyweekend in honor of CFH and your party. Happy Holidays from Korea. Tripper
  2. Melo Reply
    Tripp- good to hear from you If you wake up in a North Koreans back yard this year , have your 80's playlist rdy2go , it worked for me back in 84' Happy Holidays Brotha!
  3. Dawn Reply
    Happy Christmas Tripp! The party won't be the same without you but we will try!

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