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CFH Christmas Party is Dec 16th!!!


Snatch 1RM


3 Rounds

15 Deadlifts #225 #155

5 Wall Walks

400 Meter Run


3 Rounds

20 Hollow Rocks

20 Good Mornings

  1. Dawn Reply
    I dropped off a box in our box last nite for donations for our 2nd annual food drive this holiday season. Please drop off non-perishable food items anytime between now and the Christmas party on Dec 16th. I will then deliver the donations to the Trenton Soup Kitchen to help those in need. Thanks for your generosity!!! Happy Friday!
  2. Donk Reply
    Dawn, I didn't feel right about leaving non paleo food for the needy, so i put a Turkey, six chicken breasts, and about 5 lbs of loose grass fed ground beef in the food box this morning. You don't need to thank me. The fact that everyone who reads this will know now what a kind, generous person I am is thanks enough. Donk
  3. Greg P Reply
    Thank you to whoever left a Turkey, six chicken breasts, and about 5 lbs of loose grass fed ground beef at the box this morning. I was starving! So...what's for lunch?
  4. Timmy OD Reply
    Things I learned this morning: 1) The Snatch has joined a group of what I like to call the miserable exercises 2) Barry's method of celebrating his first Squat Snatch will be random drive-by law suits, so be careful lest you are faced with litegation 3)It's F'n cold at 6am!
  5. Barry Reply
    Timmy - you are so in trouble when our crew of school teachers get home from work. Besides, we ditched the litigation stuff for a ticker-tape parade with the Mayor in the back of the open jeep to celebrate "Barry's First Snatch" Day. It will be an official holiday going forward, even the post office will be closed.
  6. Nick Reply
    Endurance squad- track workout at Steinert, 12 noon tomorrow (sat). If u can't make it, text me for the workout. Awesome effort by the Wolfpack, PRs all day...bad ass
  7. Donk Reply
    Freakin BAD ASS!
  8. Beth Reply
    Can't make it Coach Nick. In NYC. What shall I do?

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