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CFH Christmas Party Dec 16th!!! Everyone who is

attending the Christmas party is welcome to bring

family and friends.  Also please start posting to

comments section and communicate at the gym

with your fellow members what you plan on making

or bringing to the party.  Don’t forget about the

home made ornaments it’s a must bring for the

CFH tree!!


Skin the cat


Weighted Dip 5-5-5-5-5


Amrap 10 minutes.

5 CTB Pull-ups

10 HR Push-ups

15 Barbell lunges #75 #55


30 Turkish get-ups #35 #26

  1. Silva Reply
    Hey Dave remember when I asked if ican film a short Film at the box? Yes well, I'm bringing my little production In today at noon. You're going to have a megaphone It'll be great, and if anyone wants to be a part of My wholesome short film please come prepared with your Favorite 1980s workout attire. Thank you. Kindest regards, Silva, the 'auteur'
  2. Danielle Reply
    So pumped for the party! Matt and I will bring London Broil and some delicious sweet potato chips :) And possibly something wrapped in bacon - it depends what we have left in the fridge that week. Can't wait!
  3. Donk Reply
    Carolyn and I will be there as long as we can get a babysitter. We'll be bringing some Primal Jambalaya.
  4. MT Reply
    I will be bring the awesomeness
  5. Timmy OD Reply
    True to form I'll bring beer.
  6. dr. des Reply
    I'll be bring my daughter probably.....we'll be leaving before things get tooooo out of hand!!!
  7. Rich Reply
    Coach, Crossfit made the front page of the U.S. 1 Magazine today. They gave it a 3 page write up. Not bad! Also, I'm loving the 3 part WODs. Something for everyones' tastes.
  8. Leslie Cortina Reply
    Gary and Leslie will be at the party-we will bring grilled hot and sweet Italian sausage with peppers, onions and potatoes and a BIG salad. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

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