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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Team wod @ 9am this morning.

  1. Jay Reply
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope all is well and I get to see you guys soon...
  2. Nick L. Reply
    Gobble Gobble!
  3. Dawn Reply
    I am thankful for my CFH family! Enjoy the feast!
  4. Margo Reply
    Linda, just finished wrapping figs in bacon and thought of you! :) Thanks for making them the other night! Have a great day everyone and thanks for opening for a fun workout this morning!
  5. Jumper Reply
    Happy Thanksgiving CFH! Hope you guys have a great winter. Don't know how I'm going to xfit without the morning crew. You guys motivated me many mornings for the entertainment value alone. Skype 6am WODs lol?? Stretch, pull ups before I get back! Timmy, good luck where ever you end up. Tabata and Barry no words lol! Get tights back in the gym too. Night crew you guys are hard to keep up with stick with it! Dave, try to restrain yourself from downloading and listening to too much new music in the gym ;)! Carl, thanks for all the good advice in the am! See you all in April! Keep in touch guys :)
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