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Thanksgiving Week Schedule.

Thursday. 9am class only.

Friday.  10am and 12pm classes only.



A. Bench 1RM

B. Deadlift 3RM

C. GHD Sit-ups 3 X 15/Back Ext 2 X 20

  1. Matt Reply
    Sat and Sunday normal schedule?
  2. Joe Tabata Reply
    Wait until Tights find out Barry can't do math and his back really went out while deadlifting 175 lbs.
  3. Barry Reply
    First of all Mr. 99%, while I made a mistake this morning, my prior accomplishments were certified by our morning CPA. You are just pissed because I stopped at a number this morning but the number stopped you. Besides, it is wall ball shots that we discount in the morning.
  4. hamilton Reply
    yes. sat. and sun. normal schedule.

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