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Beers and Cheers and bring a friend Friday!! If you

have a friend who you think would love crossfit or

is interested but hasn’t taken that first step bring

them along.  The wod on Friday will be difficult as

always but the movements are basic so it would be

the perfect time to introduce them to what crossfit

and our community is all about.  Also Friday

night don’t forget after the wod stop by for our

beers and cheers event.  All are welcome for some

good times.  There is no cap on this event so it

could turn pretty ugly.  Post to comments if we

should add food to the mix.

A.  ” Elisabeth “


Squat Cleans #135 #95

Ring Dips

B.  3 X 15 GHD Sit-ups

C.  3 X 15 TTB

  1. Jen Reply
    I'm so annoyed I can't make it Friday. I have a wedding. What a great way to get new people to the gym. I have a couple of friends who always talk to me about crossfit and express interest in trying it out. This would be such a fun way to get them there. And congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge. You have motivated me to do the next one!
  2. Greg P Reply
    I missed the boat yesterday, so a belated congrats' to Barry, Margo, & Danielle! Of course Margo & Danielle tied...the two who I were unable to tell apart for a solid two months. Oops! It's great to hear all of the success stories from those involved with the challenge. So many people hitting new PRs and just generally feeling better about themselves. Also, 6am class killed it this morning. I left bloody and battered. And unfortunately, similar to Jen, I may not be able to make the Beers & Cheers this Friday. However, I AM hoping to make it for a night out with some of you guys soon for some quality CFH "bonding" (AKA everyone being loud & obnoxious and likely being asked to leave due to scaring the other patrons). Can't wait!
  3. Stretch Reply
    Got to give props to Greg this morning, and absolutely unbelievable performance RX'ing this WOD today. Even though according to Barry he almost took out the entire pull up station in the process. Great work by all, just happy to be in the same box as some of the best athletes in the area
  4. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Did we decide on bringing food for Friday after the WOD? I found a couple great Paleo appy's online I can make. Thoughts????

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