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Cheers and Beers on Friday night after the wod!!!

Come on out for the wod and hang out afterwards.

The CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge was a

huge success!!  Everyone who competed in the

challenge finished strong.  Some made tremendous

improvements in nutrition and others took their

performance to a whole new level.  Their are so

many success stories within the challenge and as a

whole I think everyone came out a winner.

Overall Winner (Points/ Performance/ Leadership)

Barry 870 Points

Barry Absolutely rocked this challenge.  Barry has

been crossfitting for almost 2 years now and I’ve

never seen  him so dialed in since he’s been here.

From updating a nutritional blog daily for all the

members to use as a resource and leading by

example on what to eat and how to prepare Barry

guided us all through the 45 days.  Not only was he

the points winner he also killed it in the gym

smashing Pr’s like a 455 deadlift, 185 Press, and

finally started to feel comfortable with being

uncomfortable with met-cons.  Thank you Barry for

all your hard work and commitment to the

challenge and CFH!

I also want to acknowledge 2 other members who

came very close to Barry in the points race as well

as being great leaders at CFH.

2nd Place.  Kevin 761 Points

3rd Place.  Mike 743

Performance Winner (Points/Skills/Cindy

Performance/commitment)  Margo and Danielle.

712 Points

Ok seriously I got my ass kicked everyday by these

ladies, pushing me for extra points whether is was

for new skills, workouts outside of the box, extra

meals, 5k races that they were doing, 5k races that

they weren’t doing, taking or not taking fish oil

and finally Paleo kits and lara bars.  All jokes aside

these girls were on a mission and their commitment

was very inspiring.  They would eat and train like

professional athletes coming to the box on day 5 for

the week when I normally would not recommend

them training but refused to tell them no simply out

of fear.  Danielle and Margo each finished the

challenge with 712 points and while Margo had

gotten more skills like hand stand push-ups, and

pistols Danielle grabbed a couple extra reps

in Cindy.  What was most impressive by these ladies

is how much support and motivation they gave each

other throughout the whole challenge and it

paid off. In 45 days they improved their health,

strength, fitness capacity, and improved body

composition. Proud of you girls great job!!

Congratulations to everyone on the

challenge!! Prizes and money returns will be

awarded shortly!  Can’t wait for the

next challenge!!

A.  Turkish Get-up 5 X 5

B. Kettle Bell Halo  3 X 10 (each way)

C. Kettle Bell Half moon 5 X 10

D. 3 Rounds

21 KBS #70 #53

12 Burpee Lateral Box Jump #24 #20

400 meter run

** Perform a burpee on the left side of the box,

then perform a lateral box jump to the other side of

the box.  Each side is 1 rep.

  1. Danielle Reply
    The challenge was amazing! Thank you Dave, for allowing us to work out on Day 5 each week even when we came stumbling in with our Jerky hangovers. You made sure Margo and I were smart about our WODs and helped us move forward in the challenge each week. I also need to thank my sponsor, Margo, for pushing me each WOD and for being my bonus point partner! October was my year anniversary with CFH and the people I've met, and things I've accomplished are pretty awesome. A friend at work said it best... she said "you and Margo are so lucky to have a whole gym that does things together and supports one another." She goes to one of those "other" gyms (insert sad face). She was so right. I've eaten my weight in Jerky & Paleo Stix and increased ALL of my lifts over the past 45 days. I'm inspired every day by the CFH Community and our coaches, and I can't thank everyone enough for being so supportive. Have a good day everyone! Looking forward to Friday! Dave, just to be sure, are there any more opportunities to earn bonus points? :) Just checking!
  2. Margo Reply
    Aw, Coach I don't know whether to thank you or to apologize to you for what we put you through! I'm starting to admit that I have an addictive personality. But I sincerely thank you and Barry for your work with this challenge and for your support and guidance everyday. It's pretty amazing what everyone accomplished in 45 days!
  3. Dawn Reply
    CONGRATS to Barry, Margo and Danielle!
  4. Joe Tabata Reply
    Congrats Barry, Danielle, and Margo!!
  5. Stretch Reply
    Congrats to the winners !!! Great job to all who competed
  6. Nick Reply
    Congrats to the winners!! Can you post the link to Barry's blog again please?
  7. Barry Reply
    Congrats to everyone who participated. It was quite an adventure. I learned a lot about myself which I think in the end was the whole point. This was no easy task especially with keeping track of points and all the rules. I hope now that it is over you will consider continuing a paleo or primal lifestyle. I think you will find it easy and enjoyable without the added restrictions of the challenge. Thanks to everyone for their support through the process. Special thanks to coach for giving us a great place filled with wonderful people who make CFH, in my mind the premier health and fitness facility in New Jersey. It certainly has changed my life incredibly and without a doubt for the better.
  8. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Congratulations to all of you.

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