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If anyone is interested in yoga returning to CFH on

a Saturday or Sunday please post to comments


CFH Challenge winners announced tomorrow!!


B. Planks 1min on 1 min off X 5

C. Back Ext 3 X 20

  1. Paula Reply
    I am in for yoga on the weekends.
  2. carl Reply
    Ron, Tim. how did it go? remember you have to wear your Tough Mudder headbands to CFH for your first post-Mudder workouts.
  3. Ron Reply
    Coach, The mudder was awesome! We had a blast. The water was ridiculously cold at 0800. I signed-up four days before the run. There is no way I could have held-up without all the coaching that I have received at CFH and Jay's. I will be back in tommorow morning if several of my toes return to their normal color.
  4. Danielle Reply
    So upset I missed OHS :( Got stuck at work. Can I make it up tomorrow? Or wait til Sunday?
  5. Margo Reply
    Check out these ridiculously good-looking Thanksgiving recipes: I think I’m gonna have to have a Thanksgiving dress rehearsal this weekend..

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