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Competition Team Practice is Sunday @ 10am.

A. 4 minute amrap

Max reps Ground to overhead

Mens 185,135,95

Womens 135,95,65

B. 3 minute amrap.

Max Double Unders

C. 2 minute amrap.

Max sit-ups

  1. Joe Tabata Reply
    Good luck Timmy and Detective Ron!! The toughest part is the high jump and swim. You've only got two hours of hell after that!!
  2. Barry Reply
    Good luck and have fun boys. At least the weather is good. Tabata, get your arse to the box by 8:00am, no excuses.
  3. carl Reply
    Since they both "tapered" for at least a week, they ought to be breezing through the course. looking forward to the video.
  4. Ron Reply
    The mudder was awesome! Tim and I had a blast. The water was ridiculously cold at 0800. Thanks for the support fellas. See you Tuesday morning.

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