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The 10am class for today will be at 10:15 to 11:15!!

Sorry for any inconvenience.

I think it’s time for another CFH party!!  Let me

know if anyone is interested in making this happen

and where.

8 X 200 Meter run @ 2:00 minute rest.

  1. Greg P Reply
    Hell yea, count me in for the party.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Stretch is the party
  3. Coach Reply
    still need challenge totals from Mike, Carolyn, Luke and Julia.
  4. Ron Reply
    I just signed-up to run the Mudder with Timmy on Sunday. God help me!
  5. T to the Know Reply
    I just checked my watch....and it's time for another party!
  6. Donk Reply
    We posted those scores twice so far. I'll go back and find them.
  7. Donk Reply
    Donk = 743 Carolyn = 527
  8. hamilton Reply
    Thanks Donk I couldn't find them on the posts sorry.
  9. Rich Reply
    I'm def down for a CFH Party. The Vineyard was a great location. Maybe we can get Nate and Tino to rock the joint again. If not, how about Dublin Square? If we do Dublin Square, the first round of Guinness is on me.

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