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A.  Back Squat 3RM

B.  Ring Rows 3 X Max @ 1 minute rest.

C.  Glute Bridge/ Single-leg  3 X 8-12

D.  RDL 3 X 12

  1. Timmy OD Reply
    This is probably my first post that doesn't have anything to do with Boozing or poking fun at one of my morning crew compatriots. I'm running the tough mudder this weekend, already been training for a while. Anyone with experience have any advice for me?
  2. Donk Reply
    Less is more Timmy. Don't pile on the clothes. Go T-Shirt and board shorts. The quicker the clothes dry the better you will feel. Thin socks, not cotton. Don't get cramps, thats a big one. bring some of those goo packs or something to eat during the race. That's all I got.
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    I'm with Donk. I had tights (not that Tights) and a long sleeve shirt underneath my shorts and t shirt. The temp was in the forties and it was too much. When you hit the water off the high dive all those clothes will weigh a ton. Gloves don't help either. No matter how cold you are before the race, you'll be dying during the race if you have too much. Get behind somebody with a nice butt and it makes the long, boring run go faster. Too bad Stretch isn't running.
  4. Barry Reply
    First, is there anyway to add more codes that are required for posting a comment? Possibly some sequencing requirements, something like the protocol for launching nuclear weapons? Second, Timmy, I disagree with everyone. It was damn cold and common sense dictates that more clothing will keep you warm, not less. Flannel, heavy, cotton, whatever you can find. It will be cold, it will be windy, and you will be wet. One word....layers. With that said, I have several different flannel and cotton sports wear options for you and am willing to sell them at a bulk discount. I may even give you a special morning crew discount but we have to see what you buy first. Time is of the essence and this offer will expire. Act now before it is too late.
  5. Margo Reply
    Under armor was great because it dried fast but kept you warm. Batting gloves were good to protect your hands/help grip/etc. Just make sure you bring a warm and comfy change of clothes, a towel, a bag to put all your muddy stuff in... and most importantly.. DON'T FORGET A CHANGE OF SHOES! And be careful if you wear contacts! It's incredible, good luck and have fun!

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