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A.  Press 1RM

B.  Press 8 X 2 @ 85% of your 1RM.

C.  Front Planks 1 min on 1 min off X 5

** Extra:  KBS X 25 unbroken @ 90 sec rest. X 3

  1. Stretch Reply
    I'm thinking house party circa 1998 this morning. Just without the alcohol, and if we lifted lots of heavy weights.
  2. Joe Tabata Reply
    Stretch, you're Kid and Timmy is Play. Good to have two women in the box today,even is one is crippled and the other has an extremely wet mouth. Dr. Dez was definitely drooling during the planks.
  3. Stretch Reply
    Tabata - there were three woman there, don't forget Timmy.
  4. Joe Tabata Reply
    Sorry Stretch. It shouldn't be too tough to forget Timmy. He was the one using the 10 lb kettlebell.
  5. Timmy OD Reply
    Stretch / Tabada Hey!
  6. Stretch Reply
    Still waiting for Tabata vs Timmy in an all out drink fest. Jumper has agreed to be referee. Oh i am there!
  7. Joe Tabata Reply
    Don't forget the rest of the bet Stretch. The winner gets an hour foot rub from Jumper.
  8. Ron Reply
    Timmy and Tabata are both professionals but my money is on Tabata. Especially since he keeps asking everyone for a foot rub.
  9. Barry Reply
    Boys, I am glad you are having fun but please confirm that there is some semblance of Crossfit occuring. I will be back next Monday bright and early, guide yourselves accordingly.
  10. Joe Tabata Reply
    Barry, there is plenty of Crossfit going on in the morning. Of course, it didn't help that during the third round of planks the professor blurts out "I think Mecca is the other way"

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