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200 meter run

1 minute rest

400 meter run

2 minute rest

600 meter run

5 minute rest

** Repeat.

** For both rds. keep each effort within 5 seconds of

each other.

** Failure to complete each run within 5 seconds

results in a 15 burpee penalty.

  1. Danielle Reply
    Happy Birthday Dawn! For your birthday, I got you 2400 meters of running :) Hope you have a great day!
  2. Stretch Reply
    All i can say is, those who were not at 6am this morning missed a cornucopia of goodness. The select few who were there know how good it was. I don't even know where to start
  3. Timmy OD Reply
    Things I learned this morning 1) Running in the cold is not as much fun as it used to be, but still feels great ... when you're done. 2) DR Dez has the potential for a violent streak so watch out!!! 3) Stretch still plays jump rope with the line of appropriate vs inappropriate 4) DR Dez prefers to run while chewing gum for a variety of reasons the least of which is that she can keep her mouth closed. 5) Those outside the morning crew think that either the morning crew doesn't exist or we don't have jobs. 6) Coach should have had a 15 burpee penalty for people running significantly faster in their second round.
    • dr. des Reply
      in my defense...i am used to running distance so i pace myself. i have learned and will do better next time! and gum DOES make a difference for me!!!
  4. Stretch Reply
    Timmy, Couldn't agree more, i think i was well before that line, i didn't even use the bodily fluid joke on the board yesterday !!
  5. Barry Reply
    WTF? Happy birthday Dawn
  6. Stretch Reply
    Oh yea..Dawn, i know you don't think I exist, someday we'll meet. But Happy Birthday !!!!!! Go eat something complete NOT Paleo !!!!
  7. Jules Reply
  8. Nick Reply
    Happy Birthday Dawn!!
  9. Dawn Reply
    thanks everyone! there are very non paleo cupcakes in my very near future...and anyone going to the 5:30 class tonite!
  10. Jen Reply
    Happy Birthday Dawn!!
  11. Donk Reply
    Donk = 743 Carolyn = 527 I posted these the other day but for some reason they didn't take. Happy Birthday Dawn!
  12. Timmy OD Reply
    Happy Birthday Dawn
  13. Joe Tabata Reply
    Enjoy your day Dawn!! You deserve TWO cupcakes!!
  14. Jay Reply
    Happy Birthday Dawn!
  15. hamilton Reply
    Happy B-day Dawn!!
  16. hamilton Reply
    Happy birthday Dawn! Good luck this weekend. I wish I could be there :) Love, Katye

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