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A. Gymnastic Skill Work:  10 minutes


B.  15 minute Amrap.




10 Box Jumps #24 #20


15 Sit-ups


30 Double Unders

  1. Dawn Reply
    695 total points for me in the challenge.
  2. Kevin Reply
  3. Stretch Reply
    Left my orange water bottle at the box today, if someone can set it in the shelves, i'd appreciate it. Thanks. total for Strecth 661
  4. Barry Reply
    870 congrats everyone on finishing the challenge.
  5. Timmy OD Reply
    I think I'm gonig to have a big bowl of pasta for dinner tonight. 578. Probably would have broken 600 had I not been sick earlier in the challenge. Congrats to everyone.
  6. carl Reply
    714 total. your bottle is safe atop the shelves, Stretchmeister. Barristo. thanks again for all your help, taking the time for the paleo blog and occasionally handholding throughout the challenge. learned a lot and got pretty darn healthy to boot. now where's the rest of that Halloween candy?
  7. MT Reply
    Looks like a really fun workout. Still don't have power Be in Sunday to do it.
  8. Margo Reply
    712 total for the challenge.
  9. Jen Reply
    Total for the challenge-533.
  10. Danielle Reply
    712 for my final total... (Margo, seriously?)
  11. Joe Tabata Reply
    Jen, -533? Great job!! I bet you had the most fun!!
  12. Margo Reply
    Funny Tabata! Danielle, are you for real? Maybe if we didn't eat together or work out together we'd differ by at least 1 point. I am up past my bed time and feel NO pressure to get 8 hours of sleep.. ahh freedom. I had a cake pop at a party and a munchkin too.. it's all gonna catch up with me soon.
  13. Matthew Reply
    472 for me

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