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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 45!!  Today

is the last day of the challenge please post your total

score or write the total amount on the board.


CFH schedule update!!  Sunday’s will now be open gym

from 10am-12pm.  There will be no scheduled wod on

this day, so athletes will be able to make up a wod that

they might have missed during the week or perform a

bench mark.  This is not an opportunity for you to come

in and do whatever you want.  Since we are open 7 days

a week programing for 7days is very difficult even for

the elite so this allows you to take advantage of getting

both strength days in or any other wod.  Coaches will

still be available and warm-ups will be givin. 

Competition team practice will now be at 10am.


The Oly-Lifting Challenge!!  If anyone is interested in

improving the oly-lifts we will be running a program 2

days a week for 1 month.  Please email me if your

interested I don’t want to give info out online sorry.


1.  Deadlift 5,5,5,5,5


2.  Good morning 3 X 10


3.  GHD raises 2 X max


** extra.  30 strict pull-ups

  1. Danielle Reply
    Happy Halloween! Happy Day 45! It's ironic that I'm sitting here with bowl full of candy on the last day of the challenge... Good thing I have 70 push-ups to do to keep me distracted.
  2. Danielle Reply
    What I also meant to say, was thank you Coach, for hosting this challenge. I was able to accomplished things that I never thought I'd be able to do. Thank you to all CFHers who offered support, encouragement, and fresh ideas/recipes...especially when I hit my wall and couldn't get pancakes out of my head. It was an awesome 45 days! Good work everyone :)
  3. Margo Reply
    Those brightly colored candy wrappers got the best of me too. Day 45 = sabatoge. And Barry, I know it's spelled wrong, but I'm refusing to look it up even though the red line is bugging me. How much do I deduct for candy? Is it -1 for carbs/sugar or is -1 per candy? If so can we do the -5 maximum like alcohol? Barry, apple pie paleo kits are back in stock! And I 2nd Danielle's thanks, Coach. And thanks to Barry too for being a leader and his his work with the blog. This was a great challenge and even though I didn't "lose" anything I know that what I gained is far more valuable..but I'll try not to be too sappy. :) Everyone's progress in the challenge is amazing. Watching Jules get that muscle up was incredible. To see so many people work so hard towards their goals and to watch them accomplish it.. it's just awesome to witness! Ahhh CFH love... either that or it's a sugar high..
  4. Dawn Reply you girls! The challenge was alot easier doing it with all of you, sharing our recipes, tips, pains and joys. I, for one, will not end on this day 45, but continue to challenge myself with this paleo lifestyle and reaching new goals. Anyone up for going to 100 pushups a day? I really feel like 45 days is not enough. WTF?! Can't believe I am saying that. But I feel like there is so much more to gain....especially that elusive muscle up! Saying that though, save some room for those very non paleo cupcakes that I will be sharing on Wed! :>

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