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Olympic Weightlifting Challenge.  Starts November

1st.  Further information coming soon.

Barbells For Boobs is on Sunday @10am.  If you

haven’t registered you still have time.  You do not

have to be registered to come by and participate.

Beers and cheers after!!

A1. OHS 3,3,3,3,3

3 X 15 GHD Sit-ups

3 X 12 Ab wheel

3 X 20 Hollow Rocks / 15 Supermans

  1. Donk Reply
    Oly Lift Challenge = Awesome.
  2. Kevin Reply
    You also do not have to participate to register. We don't want the other boxes in NJ to raise more money than us, do we?
  3. MT Reply
    Shoulders are smoked
  4. Stretch Reply
    Barry - Still waiting for the Flax Seed report. Thanks man
  5. Rich Reply
    Anyone else's shoulders killing them after yesterday's WOD? I think I'm going to have to sit out the next couple of days.
  6. carl Reply
    Stretch. I thought we settled the flax thing at the gym. check out whole9's faq's (search for flax on their homepage).
  7. Stretch Reply
    Carl, I think it only mentions why flax seed oil doesn't contain Omega 3. Will reread tho. Thanks
  8. Barry Reply
    Stretch, I think that is the point. Not so much that it does not contain omega 3, but that the Omega 3 it has is useless to the human body because of the process it needs to go through once it is ingested. It is a plant base source which is not optimal in this regard. The people who push flax oil push it because of its omega 3 "benefits" of whihc apparently there really are none. Further, there is anecdotal study that shows flax like Omega 3 actually excaberates certain kinds of cancers where EPA/DHA help to reverse. I won't even cite since it is anecdotal but it is something to keep an eye for future research. In the mean time, just stick with fish oil. If skip gives you a hard time just tell her I said so.
  9. Donk Reply
    Has anyone else registered for B4B but not see their names on the list? We registered a week ago, have a confirmation email, but aren't listed. Not a big deal, just wondering what's up.
  10. Sara L. Reply
    648 points total so far for the paleo challenge
  11. Barry Reply
    Donk, I noticed that there are three different pages for CFH. The first or top one is where the bulk of people are. Some others maybe on the second and third pages. Did you registered on one of the other ones?
  12. Dawn Reply
    648 for Dawn
  13. Barry Reply

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