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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 41!!

Because I was out for most of week 6 of the

challenge please post your total score for all

6 weeks by Saturday.

Barbells For Boobs is Sunday @ 10am.

Competition Team practice is cancelled for this



A1.  10 minutes Gymnastic Training.

** Pick 1 or 2 movements and train it for 10 minutes.

A2.  4 Rounds For Time:

10 Wall Walks

10 Burpees

10 Pull-ups

10 Ring Dips

  1. Stretch Reply
    Some thoughts about today Great to have Coach Nick back in the morning, thanks!! Jumper still beat our butts with a strained MCL Wall Walks Suck..but i'm glad i did them Tabata three days this week??? Glad to see him back!! Timmy aka Dr Phil was just crushing the WOD this morning Nothing better than working out with great people at 6am !!
  2. Timmy OD Reply
    All I can say is Yike!! When I saw wall walks this morning I thought how hard could it be. Well I found out. Good luck to everyone else! And yeah it still amazes me that even when injured Jumper still beats everyone.
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    We let her win...again. It never gets old.
  4. donk Reply
    MT, I think you wore my sweatshirt home.
  5. Dawn Reply
    I can't believe I'm not going to make 750 points or better for this challenge! where did I go wrong? I thought I had this, no problem. dang
  6. Joe Tabata Reply
    Dawn: You were warned to stay out of the cupcake place. I have had to watch Barry eat broccoli every morning for dessert. Disgusting.
  7. Barry Reply
    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. In this scenario you are the lady tabata. You have been obsessed with my broccoli. I think you secretly wish you could have it with breakfast every day. I saw how disappointed you were this week when I busted out the butternut squash. I also know you looked up how to spell broccoli to avoid the wrath of Margo. Don't act like you didn't.
  8. Margo Reply
    BARRY! I don't "no wut your talkin about!" ;) Tabata is the chief of the spelling police!
  9. MT Reply
    Your sweatshirt? Probably. Is it gray, just like mine? I will bring it next time I'm in. Was there anything important In my pockets? Receipts or money or anything?

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