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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 39!!

For Time

6 Power Clean & Jerk #155 #100

30 Wall Ball Shots

200 Meter Run

6 Power Clean & Jerk

30 Wall Ball Shots

200 Meter run

6 Power Clean & Jerk

30 Wall Ball Shots

200 Meter run

  1. Barry Reply
    As he gently dips his hands into the bowl of chalk and gingerly rubs the powder through his fingers; Stretch looks up and announces, "I could really use this stuff at home." Context is everything, but I can tell you this comment ended the pick on Timmy segment of our morning. If you need to know, consider the movements on the menu today and think of them as if they were programmed for Beavis and Butthead.
  2. Stretch Reply
    I don't know how that was considered crossing the line???? Seemed mighty tame to me. You know there are a lot of time i could use that chalk around the house. Don't know how that got mistaken for inappropriate??? is day 40 of the Paleo Challenge
  3. Barry Reply
    Stretch loves the numbers.
  4. Timmy OD Reply
    Stretch, You play jump rope with the line.
  5. Stretch Reply
    I add excitement, charm and good looks to the morning crew. What can i say
  6. Timmy OD Reply
    "good looks" really Strecth? What's it like living in your own little world?
  7. Stretch Reply
    Yes, good looks. I know i'm not the best athlete at CFH, heck i'm probably at the bottom, but i can still bring the looks. And my world is nice, filled with unicorns and rainbows
  8. Donk Reply
    For all the time you morning crew guys spend on this website, you sure aren't spending it looking at the WOD. You all owe us 30 more wall ball shots.
  9. Stretch Reply
    Donk. We post and talk about ourselves, we don't read the WOD.
  10. Jen Reply
    I've been out of town for a couple of days. Just registered for B4B. Hope I can make it!
  11. Joe Tabata Reply
    I don't think the chalk comment was Stretch's worst comment of the day. As we were going to put our PVCs away Stretch was standing in front of the rack collecting them. He said "I guess I'm the pole receiver today" Today? Try everyday Stretch.
  12. Rich Reply
    Donk, Halfway thru my wallball shots this morning, I yelled out, Hey! aren't we supposed to be doing 30! The response was "Only 20!". Between that and the morning crews' comments, make me wonder why I should get out of bed at 5:20 AM.
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