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A1.  1RM Front Squat

3×15 @ 55-60%

A2.  “Annie”


Double Unders




  1. Timmy OD Reply
    Great to be back in the box this morning, although Stretch seemed like he was a little traumatized by what ever the heck Tabada did to him yesterday morning. Apparently they were "rolling around together"
  2. Stretch Reply
    Traumatized...aroused....whatever same thing
  3. tights Reply
    Here's the update: I've been working with ESPN reporter Mitch Albom on his new book. It's a story of a 41 year-old athlete (I use the term lightly) with a mind that thinks he's 20 years younger, but a body that keeps breaking down (think, "The Wrestler"). He attempts a RM max deadlift on Oct. 10, sets his own PR, but thinks he still has more gas in the tank. He goes for one more rep and fails. Although he failed at his final attempt, he still revels in his PR. As days go by, his lower back quickly fatigues, followed by an excruciating pain down his left leg. He goes to a doctor, then a back specialist, get's put on a ridiculuous course of meds and rest - misses days of work too. His forced to take some time off and vows he will return, hoepfully in another week. The book is called "Deadlifts with Barry" and should be out soon.
  4. Stretch Reply
    TIGHTS SIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why you don't hang around with Barry. Wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to you being back to your old self, not age old. It's hard to abuse Timmy by myself. Bottom line....Barry is an F'n nut and a deadlifting stud. Don't try to complete with him, just watch and be amazed. Get well soon !!!!
  5. Timmy OD Reply
    Tights, glad to see you're still alive, we were all worried. I think I saw Barry shed a tear this morning when he was lamenting your absence. Get better soon bud
  6. Carl Reply
    Tights. great to hear from you but sorry you're on injured reserve. let it heal, but don't let the doctors brainwash you with pain meds and endless phys therapy.
  7. Joe Tabata Reply
    I call BS on that story. 41 my ass. The rest is believable.
  8. Barry Reply
    I will wait for the movie.

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