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Deadlift  # 225   #155

Toes to bar



  1. Barry Reply
    No tights this morning but we had Tabata for like the fifth day in a row. I am starting to see a pattern. Has anyone else noticed that tights and Tabata are never in the same room together? Is tights Clark kent to tabatas superman or is it the other way around?
  2. donk Reply
    Does anyone else who sprinted yesterday feel like they were hit by a truck this morning?
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    I was going to start an Occupy Tights protest outside of Tight's office but I don't want people to confuse that with support of Tights who already occupies tights.
  4. Stretch Reply
    You guys notice that Tights and Timmy are missing, i'm thinking romantic rendezvous
  5. Joe Tabata Reply
    Stretch: If by "romantic rendevous you mean "monkey love" then I agree.
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