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Be sure to register for Barbells for Boobs !!  Next

Sunday Oct. 30th !!

8×100 Meter Sprints  ( walk back is rest )

8×100 Meter Row Sprints  @ 1 min. rest

  1. hamilton Reply
  2. Greg P Reply
    I'm registered! Mostly for the boobs, but also a little bit to show my support for CFH. But, yea, mostly for the boobs. I just hope I can actually make it. I have three exams next week, including one on Monday morning, so I really need to study. Also, just as a heads up to Dave, you better hurry up and get back here soon or else you might be out of a job. With Donk running the show today, Andrew hit his very first muscle up after the WOD was over, on only like his third or fourth try ever. Seriously impressive. Congrats, man!
  3. Donk Reply
    Andrew's first muscle up was seriously impressive. Carolyn and I are both registered for Boobs. I can't wait to get mine. Do they come in the mail, or do we get them at the box....The T-shirts I mean.
  4. Margo Reply
    Donk, I'm sure you're kidding but just in case, they mail the shirt to your house and they sure are cozy! If anyone is interested in doing a 5K, there's one on Saturday in memory of my uncle. Proceeds go to the American Heart Association. (His nickname in town was Joe Pizza because he had a pizzeria.) It's in Clark, but if you want to do it, I'll drive you! :) For more info or to register go to
  5. hamilton Reply
    Margo, where do you get the sun???
  6. Margo Reply
    From the sky? Lol, I don't know what you mean.. what sun? Sunbutter?
  7. Greg P Reply
    HA! I think Hamilton/Dave/Katye (who is that?!) meant the smiley face. But...just in case. "Where does the Sun come from?" "The sun is actually a remnant of condensed hydrogen and helium left over from the explosion of an older star. The debris pulled itself together by its own gravity until it was a giant ball. At the centre of the ball, gravity was so strong that it pressed the hydrogen atoms together so close that a nuclear reaction started. The sun is a giant hydrogen bomb. It is not a direct result of the Big Bang as previously asserted." :)
  8. Greg P Reply
    And to answer Hamilton/Dave/Katye... Same as if you were texting, placing the symbols : and ) next to each other make a "smiley face" symbol. So, : directly next to ) will equal :) (FYI, this is the most helpful I have ever been to CFH.)
  9. hamilton Reply
    MARGO!!!! Thanks Greg :)
  10. Margo Reply
    Good call Greg.. This is a test to see what other "suns" we can make lol. Ignore this if they don't come out. :) :( ;) :P :O
  11. hamilton Reply
    soooo fun!!!!
  12. hamilton Reply
    :) :*) :o)
  13. Margo Reply
    Ahh that is awesome! I have so much work to do but this is way more entertaining! :P :D
  14. Carl Reply
    Margo. can't make it next weekend due to football, but please keep me posted about future 5ks. see if this makes anything. ;}
  15. Barry Reply
    Greg - thanks for geeking out, it was funny. Good luck on your exams this week. The morning crew gets after it in about 9 hours. Will there be a tights sighting? The suspense is killing me.

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