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A1.  Rack Jerk behind the neck  1-1-1-1-1-1-1

A2.  3 Rounds

10 OHS # 135  # 95

50 Double Unders



  1. Dawn Reply
    108 for Dawn
  2. Stretch Reply
    98 for Stretch
  3. Leslie Cortina Reply
    95 for Leslie
  4. Carl Reply
  5. Barry Reply
  6. Danielle Reply
    106 for me... Rough week. Good work everyone!! We're almost there!
  7. Sara Reply
    Is there an 11am today?
  8. Carl Reply
    Today's Heroes -- Beth, Margo, and Jimmy, breaking out their 5k prowess for Limbs in Motion. A glorious day for a run and a great day to do something good for someone who really needs it. (doesn't hurt to get 10 more pts in the Challenge, either...) have a great weekend, all you CFHers, wherever you are.
  9. Donk Reply
  10. Margo Reply
    111 for me. Great race Carl! Only you and Brett (from the tm) could miss the start and still manage pass everyone! Happy last full week of the challenge!!
  11. Jen Reply
    83 for Jen.
  12. Beth Reply
    105. Thanks Carl! Thanks Margo for telling me about the race!
  13. Tuna Fish Reply
    Medalla Light is gluten free. So that's 156 for this guy...minus 158. Yes I'm minus 2.
  14. hamilton Reply
    oh boy...
  15. Patty m Reply
    82 for patty m and 85 for nick t
  16. Sam Reply
    109 for me sorry for the late post ..
  17. Timmy OD Reply

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