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Competition Team Practice Sunday @ 9am.

Challenge Points in, please.

Amrap 20 mins.

Run 400 meters

Max FLR on Rings

10 Pull-ups

  1. Carl Reply
    Where is Tights?
  2. MT Reply
  3. Donk Reply
    I'm guessing Front Leaning Rest MT. Basically holding the top of the pushup position.
    • Barry Reply
      On the rings with feet on a box. Interesting contrast with the pull ups. It was certainly different but a good WOD nonetheless.
  4. Sara Reply
    122 for Sara L.
  5. Nick Reply
    Hey All- not sure if it was put out, your coaches are attending certs or out of the country this weekend, so no regular classes until monday :(
  6. Barry Reply
  7. Nick Reply
    Breaking News...Carl and Donk save the day. He will open the gym at 8am for those looking to get a Sat WOD in. Mike, aka Donk, will be helping out with the competition team practice on Sun at 9am and an open WOD following at 10am. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. Barry Reply
    It's an emotional roller coaster. Thanks for stepping up guys.
  9. Tuna Fish Reply
    Coming at you live from Isabela Puerto Rico- I sincerely hope everyone had a tremendous Friday WOD and is continuing with a very paleo evening. Gary already had an urchin in his foot, Dave's pre- surf mobility WOD's are turning heads, Mike is challening himself with the most daring hot sauces around (not just eating them), and I am racking up minus 5 after minus 5. Day 2- waves have been mediocre at best but a swell should be arriving shortly. Gary feels the need to take our lives in his hands every time he drives with the lawless Puerto Ricans yielding a response from Dave every time we pull out into traffic " youre not good". God speed.

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