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We have 4 top coaches at CFH in Nick, Carl, Bryan,

and myself.  Each of us has a different style of

coaching from warm-ups to demonstrations of the

movements and even the way we want our wods to

be structured.  When you get to the gym expect the

unexpected and be prepared to train hard for the

full 60 minutes.  If the coach has a structured warm-

up pay attention and focus on what your doing, if the

warm-up didn’t matter trust me we wouldn’t even

bother giving it to you.  If the warm-up is on the

board ask for instructions and get after it.  Comin in

getting on the rower, not focusing on form or pace is

dog-shit!!  lying on a foam roller for 15 minutes

without one sign of discomfort or pain is worthless.

What I put on the blog might just be a part of the

wod so have an open mind and trust that were there

to make you stronger and fitter.  This is the best

training facility in the area and we have some of the

fittest people in the area training at our gym hands

down so lets start acting like it.  Lock it up!!

A1.   L-Sit & L-hang from rings = total 1 minute for


A2.  Amrap 12 minutes.

5 Muscle ups

7 KB Snatch (each arm) #53 #35

9 Burpees

  1. Greg P Reply
    Thanks for the kick in the ass, Coach. I am definitely guilty of this at times. I get so excited about the WOD that I end up not devoting enough time and/or focus to my warm-up or cool-down. Those two elements are just as important as anything else we do at the box though, so I will be sure to make them more of a priority moving forward. For anyone looking to improve on his/her muscle ups, I found the following video to be extremely helpful. There are excellent video cues, slow motion analysis, coaching points, and so on. Even touches on HSPUs. Check it out if either of those movements are something you struggle with. (Is there ANYONE who DOESN'T struggle with at least one of those two?! I'm certainly not one of those people.) Also, I wanted to share some of my goals with you guys. Verbalizing one's goals and making them known to others can be a very effective and motivating tool. If any of you feel the same way in wanting to share some goals, and Coach is OK with it, maybe we can even put a few up on a small portion of the whiteboard at CFH to remind us of what we are working for and to keep our goals in sight. Some of my goals. Short-term: Top priority - Drastically improve my muscle ups Secondary - Increase deadlift Long/Medium-term: Top priority - Stay healthy and pain-free Secondary - Qualify for 2012 Regionals Non-CrossFit related goals: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly - Pass each one of my ridiculously intense courses and graduate from my Physician Assistant program without issue. Ok, that's WAY MORE than enough for today. I'll see you guys later on for the evening class. Let's get after it!
  2. Rich Reply
    Thanks, Coach. We certainly needed that. I'm still looking forward to going to a WOD where Carl is coaching. Like two ships passing....
  3. Silva Reply
    'no, you lock it up!' I had to. :) I completely agree with everything you said.Maybe my shoulder wouldn't be a mess if I had taken better precautions.
  4. MT Reply
    I get so turned on when you get all angry and bossy coach
  5. Joe Tabata Reply
    When coach starts removing the "g" from the end of his words I feel like I'm listening to an Obama speech. I don't know about you but I think I feel a tingle down my leg. Thanks for listenin. Greg, that PA program is no joke. Good luck!! Silva, maybe your shoulder hurts from jumping out of airplanes??
  6. Greg P Reply
    Me = epic muscle up failure this evening
  7. Nick L. Reply
    Dave...Boom, way to lay it down. It comes down to getting out what you put it and capitalizing on what we're putting in there too! Greg, Thanks for posting that up. It's great to have contributing athletes such as yourself, that's what makes CFH CFH, ya dig?

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