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CFH Challenge Day 29.  This marks the beginning of

week #5 and the push-up total is now at 50


5 Rounds

15 SDHP #75 #55

15 Ring Dips

  1. Stretch Reply
    107 for Stretch
  2. carl Reply
  3. Matthew Reply
    89 for Matt
  4. Barry Reply
  5. Dawn Reply
  6. Donk Reply
    124 for me.
  7. Sara Reply
    107 for Sara L.
  8. Leslie Cortina Reply
    100 for Leslie
  9. Alison Reply
    On a totally different topic, I am in for B4B. 10-11 works for me also. Thanks!
  10. Margo Reply
    110 for me this week. B4B between 10 and 12 would be great! Thanks!
  11. Danielle Reply
    117 for me this week. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! PS- Wishing Melo a safe trip home!
  12. Margo Reply
    Barry! I just went to place an order and the Apple Pie Paleokits are out of stock! Nooooooo!!!
  13. Nick L. Reply
    5,000 for me this week. Wawa's stock dropped 3 points b/c I didn't eat any of their sandwiches. Barbells for Boobs late Sunday morning/ early afternoon works best with my crazy schedule.
  14. Beth Reply
    87 with 10 points for event, yikes! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
  15. Jen Reply
  16. Sammy Reply
    Didn't have time to post yesterday 100 for me..
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