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Barbells for Boobs will be held on Sunday October

30th.  Registration for the event is to the left of the

blog.  Please post to comments section on a time that

would work for you.  Were going to try and stay in

the am.

CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 28.

Today is the last day to get 40 push-ups and like last

week how many of those push-ups can you get in a

row.  The standards for the push-up are chest to

ground, full lock out of the arms, midline stability

throughout the movement.  No resting in the down

dog position between reps and hand release push-

ups do not count.

Men 1 point=30/2 points=35/ 3 points=40

Women 1 point=20/ 2 points=25/ 3 points=30

Amrap 16 minutes.

6 Burpee Pull-ups

7 Hang Squat Cleans #95 #65

10 KBS #70 #53

  1. Sara Reply
    10am ish would be great for barbells for boobs
  2. Dawn Reply
    10- 11 am works for B4B for me. i am now registered. thanks!
  3. Danielle Reply
    I'm planning to register for B4B tonight. Any time between 10-12 works for me.
  4. Jen Reply
    Melo and I are registered for B4B. 10-11AM works well for us.

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