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Barbells For Boobs is on October 30th.  Registration

for the event is below to the left.

Competition Team Practice Sunday @9am.

CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 26!!  10

Bonus points if you compete in any upcoming

sporting event, competition, or race until the end of

the challenge.


30 Reps For Time

Snatch #135 #95

  1. Barry Reply
    Does barbells for boobs count as an event? Either way I am in for that day.
  2. Beth Reply
    Yaaay! Finally something I can get points for doing. Thanks Coach!
  3. Barry Reply
    I did register for the Boobs. What time on the 30th will we be doing this?
  4. Katye Reply
    Not sure yet Barry. Earlier than later.
  5. Tino Reply
    Great display of snatch at the box tonight...way to keep it looking clean.
    • Rich Reply
      Oh! Tino
  6. Rich Reply
    Coach, The Olive Oil place in Princeton is called Carter & Cavero. They are out of Red Bank. The chipotle flavored EVOO is great on the morning eggs. Zero sodium. Zero cholesterol. They have at least a dozen different flavored oils, and you can sample them all there.
    • MT Reply
      An Olive oil store just opened in new hope

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