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For Time:

400 Meter run (2 laps)

50 Sit-ups

30 Push-ups

800 Meter run (4 laps)

50 Air squats

30 Pull- ups

400 Meter run (2 laps)

50 Lunges

30 Knees To Elbows

  1. Stretch Reply
    This WOD was brutal for me, i think my body went into shock after it. Recovered now and feel good, but this was tough
  2. Barry Reply
    Stretch, you did great! Your push ups are light years ahead of where they were. Pretty soon they will be locked in and your volume will explode. Your determination is inspiring. Keep up the good work.
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    Stretch: If that WOD was brutal for you I certainly didn't see it while you were doing it. I think that concussion has made you not realize how far you've come since you started. You need to remove that self-doubt from your head because by now your performances in the WODs should have obliterated any of that. You can't always keep everything in the closet, it's better to get it out in the open. I forgot what I was talking about. Have a great day and be proud of yourself. I'm sure you know all about pride as you've most definitely marched in many pride parades. At least you aren't a sissy (like tights) who can't show up because his wife put too much starch in his outfits.
  4. Joe Tabata Reply
    Jumper, I forgot to tell you. As Barry was passing me (possibly for the second time) on the four lap portion of the WOD I heard him mutter "I finally got her." I'm not sure what he meant. Apparently 21 muscle ups and a measly 455 lb deadlift in the last few days were too much for him to be able to burn through 30 pullups today. More broccoli Barry!!!
  5. Barry Reply
    Was that you I was passing Tabata? I thought the bus company had set out a garden gnome for decoration.
  6. Ron Reply
    Great job guys. That was fun.
  7. Bryan Reply
    Anyone planning on attending the 5 am class tomorrow, please contact me at 201-965-0679 sometime today. I have been informed by the regulars that they will not be coming and do not plan on being there at 5 unless someone contacts me.
  8. Timmy OD Reply
    Holy Crap I clearly missed a lot from the morning crew over the past couple days. Stretch looks like you've finally realized really been shredding things. I got news for you buddy, you've been getting better every day! Congrats man! I'll be back with the morning crew tomorrow.
  9. Stretch Reply
    Guys - Thanks for everything, i appreciate the kind words, they are very much appreciated. Stretch
  10. tights Reply
    Barry - Reading your post, I thought you were about to say that you passed one of the buses from the depot next door - but it was tabata in a yellow shirt.....Welcome back tabata! Couldn't make it in to the box - legs ached from the deadlifts (high boxjumps just for fun?) .....sitting behind a desk all day doesn't help. BTW - i wish someone else washed my clothes, i'd deal with the starch

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