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A1.  Deadlift 1 RM (Build to a 1RM in 15 minutes)

A2.  Deadlift 4 X 50%/ 4 X 70%/ 4 X 70%/ 4 X 80%

** 5 High Box Jumps after each Set.  Rest as needed.

  1. Beth Reply
    Can I do the wod from yesterday Coach? Pleeeeaaaase? :)
  2. hamilton Reply
    Oh you already are Beth.
  3. Stretch Reply
    Wow, what a class, Barry was just so huge today, unbelieveable how huge he was. So many PRs, way to go morning crew !!!!
  4. Barry Reply
    Someone should total the amount of weight the morning crew pulled today and post it. Did we get to a ton? Tights, so you know, a ton is 2,000lbs.
  5. tights Reply
    What the?
  6. tights Reply
    No way I could keep up with Barry "Last Man Standing"....
  7. Stretch Reply
    Got to be close to that Barry, there was a lot of heavy lifting going on, and what a crowd
  8. Barry Reply
    Tights, is that a Bruce Willis reference? If so, I would prefer any of the Die Hard movies.
  9. tights Reply
    No. I did not reference anyone's pets.
  10. Barry Reply
    That's funny
  11. Joe Tabata Reply
    Jaysus, you sound like a bunch of hens.....and look like a bunch of jackasses.

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