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Competition team meeting and practice Sunday


CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 21.  Make

sure you have scores for week 3 in by Saturday.

Special bonus points available for today.  How many

strict pushups can you do in a row?  Today is the last

day to do 30 push-ups, and you can recieve up to 3

bonus points for how many you can get in a row.  For

the push-up standard it must be chest to ground,

arms fully locked out at the top with strong midline

stability shown throughout the movement.  Hand

release push-ups and resting in the down dog

position in between reps do not count.

Men.  1 point=20/ 2 points=25/ 3 points=30

Women.  1 point=10/ 2 points=15/ 3 points=20

A1.  Press 1RM

A2.  Press 4X4 @80% of your 1RM.

B1.  50-40-30-20-10


Scissor kicks (2 count)

Mountain Climber (2 count)

  1. Sam Reply
    So if we do 50 push-ups non-stop do we get 5 points and so on??
  2. carl Reply
    Coach. does the competition team have a senior division?
  3. MT Reply
    What's the comp team all about
  4. hamilton Reply
    Carl, yes Sam, No!
  5. Rich Reply
    Will there be the normal WOD schedule on Monday?

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