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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 14.  Make

sure you get your scores in for week 2 of the

challenge by Saturday.

A1.  Max Rope Climbs in 5 Minutes.

A2.  5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts #135 #95

5 Hang Power Cleans

50 Meter shuttle run

  1. Silva Reply
    For extra credit in my book, do this WOD: For Time: Move boxes and furniture out of Silva's apt and into new apt.
    • Rich Reply
      Silva, I'm all for this WOD if there is a 15 minute max time. I'm in no mood for a burner today.
  2. Barry Reply
    Tights, I forgot to discuss something of great importance with you this morning. If you have a few minutes and don't mind, could you please call me on my cell. Thanks.
    • Barry Reply
      Duh 6096105704
  3. tights Reply
    Barry- Just left you a VM. If the conversation involves recipes, paint colors, drapery fabrics, or significant dates in recent military history, I'll defer to other members of the morning crew.
  4. Jay Reply
    Does anybody else have the urge to crank call Barry?
  5. Stretch Reply
    Barry - i'll take all of the home decor questions, i have a knack for fashion.
  6. Donk Reply
    Thats the first thing I thought about doing Jay.
  7. Beth Reply
    Coach-may not be able to get in today pending a delivery. Can I do the second part of the wod tomorrow or early next week?
  8. coach Reply
    Yea no problem Beth I will program something for you and give it to Bryan.
  9. Beth Reply
    Thanks Dave! I hate delivery people. They made me miss out on 10 points! Grrr.
  10. Barry Reply
    Tights, got your message, thanks for the call. I was knee deep in beer and boo... never mind. Needless to say, I was unavailable. I will eventually call you back and it has nothing to do with any of the aforesaid off limit topics. Crank calls are welcome, I don't answer the phone anyway. Opie920, I do need advice regarding some fashion choices, please let me know when you are available.
  11. Jules Reply
    70 pts for me and an extra 5 if approved for kb snatches by coach

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