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Specialty class tonight @ 7pm.  Rowing

A1.  OHS 5RM

A2.  For Max Reps

1 minute Wall Ball Shots #20 #15

1 minute Burpees

1 minute Box Jump #24 #20 (jump up step down)

1 minute Burpees

1 minute Wall Ball

  1. Stretch Reply
    Coach/Barry Please confirm, because Carl and I are still confused. Post WOD meals, count toward the total meals??
  2. Stretch Reply
    Tights - Just want to finish up our discussion today. So you think it's best to go with a neutral valance when i have a off white paint color in the living room? I think it just might be a little too colorless. I was thinking maybe a touch of color would add a lot, maybe do an accent wall in a pink or mauve
  3. carl Reply
    Be Bold,Stretch. Ming Red is the the only choice. Say it loud. Say it proud. Coach was clear that I cannot count the post wod meal. But I'm concerned about the definition of "zone" and the use of fat before and after the wod. My original understanding of zoning was that all three macro nutrients must be present in a meal for it to be zoned. But I believe Barry said that before and after the wod, "zoning" would be without fat (only carbs and protein) because that's what metabolizes best. in other words, the presence of fat in a meal at those times inhibits the digestion of the other macronutrients. If excluding fat before and after the wod is truly zoning, then I could have counted some of the meals I ate after the post wod meal as zoned last week that I booked as paleo. and if using fat before and after the wod is somehow deleterious to my metabolism, then I will definitely skip it. sorry I am wandering a bit, but hopefully you get the points.
  4. tights Reply
    Stretch - I'd go slightly bolder, maybe in the palatte of spaghetti squash or chicken soup. It really depends if your fabrics have a natural sheen. Did you ever think of changing the wall color? Benjamin Moore color 920 might just do the trick.
  5. Stretch Reply
    Tights- Nice call on the 920 paint, that color just takes me back to the gay and fancy free days of my summer youth. I think i will use that Spaghetti squash color for the valance. thanks..oh btw the View has a great segment on matching your shoes to your outfit, i think it's a must watch
  6. Jules Reply
    I need to start reading the website more- just saw the 3 bonus pts for wild caught fish- guess tomorrow is going to be one big fish fest!
  7. Greg P Reply
    The 2012 Open begins on February 22, 2012. Less than 5 months away. There is no such thing as standing still. You are either getting better, or you're getting worse. Every day counts. Let's do this.

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