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CFH Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Day 12!!

The kettle bell snatch will be a new movement for

many of you.  At CFH were always trying to introduce

new movements and different ways to challenge you

as an athlete.  For the remainder of the challenge

you will earn 5 points if you can learn and perform a

new skill.  Examples include double unders, pistols,

hand stand push-ups, hand walks, muscle ups,

kipping pull-ups and more.  Here’s the thing the

skills have to be validated by a coach for it to count.

Skills that you already know how to do don’t count

but nice try.



** Those of you that are Triathletes and  runners

take a 3 minute rest period between rounds.  Focus

on keeping the pace within 5 seconds for the runs.

1000 meter run (6 laps)

9 Ring Dips

9 Kb Snatch #53 #35 (9 each arm)

800 meter run (4 laps)

15 Ring Dips

15 Kb Snatch (15 each arm)

400 meter run (2 laps)

21 Ring Dips

21 Kb Snatch (21 each arm)

  1. Matt Reply
    5am was too early to analyze and think it out so we just went straight through with no breaks. Did it mean to aim for the same time (within 5 seconds) on each lap of the run?
  2. OD Reply
    Donk Great call on the Chicken Soup, I ended up using Spagetti Squash instead of zuccini. Turned out great.
  3. carl Reply
    Coach. is flaxseed good or bad? Barry mentioned it has omega 6, which I know can be harmful, but if I'm not getting O6 from other sources and I'm getting lots of O3 from other sources, is a little bit in a smoothie ok? is it helpful? maybe it doesn't help at all? anyway, any advice will be much appreciated. I tried to find some references on Robb Wolff's site, but struck out.
  4. Barry Reply
    Carl, "I also disagree with Dr. Loren Cordain (author of “Paleo for Athletes”) on a few points. He recommends that we eat walnuts and macadamia nuts and that we consume oils such as flaxseed oil and canola oil because they contain more omega 3 fatty acids. There is a huge problem here! These plant sources of omega 3 fatty acids contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) almost exclusively. The omega 3 fatty acids that you really need are EPA and DHA. The body can transform ALA into EPA and DHA, but the process is really inefficient. And during that process, the excess ALA spills over into pathways that synthesize bad hormones. Clinical studies have shown that too much flax seed supplementation causes cancer (amongst other problems)." By Matt Lalonde
  5. Donk Reply
    Glad to hear it OD. Don't know why I never thought of spagetti squash. Gonna give that a shot next time.
  6. Barry Reply
    Carl, I may be remembering wrong about the Omega 6 as it is not mentioned here. What jumps at me is the fact it is categorized with Canola Oil. For me, that oil is a big no-no. I am shocked Cordain is ok with it. Do some more research and share anything you may find. For me I will continue to stay away from it but everybody is different and this is not a one size fits all program so be guided accordingly.
  7. carl Reply
    will do, Barristo.
  8. carl Reply
    Warning, Will Robinson!!! Stay away from Flax! FYI, from Whole 9's FAQ's: Q: Why can’t I get my omega-3′s from flax? A: There are countless problems with getting your omega-3′s from this particular plant source. It requires an extremely inefficient conversion process – meaning your body has to do a lot of work to get the EPA and DHA you want out of the kind of fat found in flax (ALA). And the conversion pathway is fraught with difficulties that can, in fact, lead to MORE inflammation – the exact opposite of the intention. Finally, even if everything works perfectly, the amount of EPA and DHA you can actually convert from flax is so small it practically doesn’t count. (By the way, the story is the same whether you’re talking about flax, chia, hemp or echium.) Just stick with your fish oil. Goodbye Flaxseed.
  9. Matt Reply
    The two giant bruises just above my wrists are proof that I was not using correct form on the KB snatch today.
  10. carl Reply
    Forgot to mention above that FLAX is a common chicken feed, which allows egg sellers to say that their eggs are enriched with Omega 3s. I am learning way to much today.
  11. Jules Reply Dave... did i get kn snatches right and actually get 5 pts extra this week..? :)
  12. Jules Reply
    sorry i mean kb ha
  13. Beth Reply
    So if I had sushi and it contained fish, can I break even? :)

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