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CFH Best Shape of My Life Challenge Day 11

3 Bonus points for some wild caught fish at 3

different meals during the week.

This bonus is good until Friday night!!

The Seafood Trifecta

3 Rounds

10 CTB Pull-ups

10 Burpees

10 Front Squats #165 #110

  1. Rich Reply
    Coach, Will there be the 7:00 skills class tonight?
  2. Beth Reply
    Good call Rich. If not, I may be a tad late to 5:30 due to a meeting after school. Gotta get my points!!
  3. OD Reply
    Anyone have any Paleo suggestions for being sick as a dog?
  4. Stretch Reply
    well 920 i'm thinking, push ups, burpees, maybe some box jumps, followed by the Timmy WOD should do the trick. Get better bud
  5. carl Reply
    Barry/Coach. are sweet potatoes and pistachios legal for the challenge? also, can the wild caught "fish" be scallops and/or shrimp? thanks.
  6. coach Reply
    Carl, Yes.
  7. carl Reply
    nice. I'm lovin' the extra credit!
  8. Matt Reply
    Barry - Grilled chicken with double brussel sprouts. All for only $6. Lunch was good.
    • Barry Reply
      Word! Just sat down to that myself. Wegmans owes me a cut too since I convinced two people in line to get some brussel sprouts.
  9. Stretch Reply
    Really Barry?? Way to obsessed over this and Matt, way to encourage him. So you can get 6, 3 point meals if possible, thought max was 5?
  10. Donk Reply
    OD, Paleo chicken soup my friend. Boil a whole chicken in a pot with water, 2 carrots, 2 pieces of celery, an onion, some sea salt and pepper for 2 hours. After 2 hours, strain the broth into another pot, cut up the carrots and break up the chicken and throw them in. Take 3 zuchini, and use a cheese grater(the large openings work the best) to shred them and make zuchini noodels. Throw them in and simmer it all for about 20 minutes. You can also add a quart of "Pacific Natural Foods Organic Free Range Chicken Broth". You can find it in almost every food store. Its comes in a box. Good luck.
  11. OD Reply
    Thanks Donk
  12. Barry Reply
    feel better Opie
  13. OD Reply
    Donk, Great call on the chicken soup!
  14. Leslie Reply
    Those bonus wild fish/seafood points: is that 3 total points given at the end of the week, or three points given each meal?

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