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CFH Best Shape of My Life Challenge Day 8

Day 8 is the beginging of week 2.  The push-ups are

now 20 per day.

Put your total score next to your name at the box or

post to comments section.  Must have your score in

by the end of the day or you will be out of the


5 Rounds

12 Push Press #115 #80

12 Box Jumps #30 #24

12 KB SDHP #70 #53

200 Meter Med Ball Run #20 #15

  1. Matthew Reply
    79 points for week one. Couple of bad days in there...
  2. Stretch Reply
    97 points for Stretch
  3. hamilton Reply
    Margo and Danielle, Ignore that comment last night about the post wod meal. That was meant for Carl sorry if I confused you girls.
  4. Margo Reply
    Whew! Thanks Dave, you saved us from subtracting some points!...we were about to start making new templates and everything! Lol My total is 95.
  5. Sara L Reply
    Total is 103
  6. Danielle Reply
    Ok, thanks Dave. My total is 95.
  7. Leslie Reply
    My total was 103-Leslie
  8. carl Reply
    put me down for 100, even though my post wod meals don't count but the girls' do.... bring it on Week 2!
  9. Luke Reply
    75, a few bad days. I need to plan a little better during the week and get in for more WoDs.
  10. Barry Reply
  11. Margo Reply
    Don't worry Carl, we have to subtract fish oil points cause 3g was not "recommended." It all equals the end we'll all be chasing Barry!
  12. coach Reply
    Need scores for Nick, Patty, and Tino.
  13. Timmy OD Reply
  14. Patty Reply
    Nick T. is at 108 and Patty M. 110
  15. Sammy Reply
    I'm at 96 Sam
  16. Greg P Reply
    My score: 0 (Is that good? This is like golf, lower is better, right?) But seriously, while I am not officially in the challenge, I am: -getting my push-ups in -hit Cindy this past week (that sounded terrible) -always trying to further hone and improve my paleo diet -trying to get at least 4 WODs in per week Unfortunately, I am in the midst of my first block of exams for school right now so sleep has been scarce lately, which sucks. Lack of sleep, poor eating, and stress led to me getting sick in a matter of days. My goal is to plan and prepare better prior to my next block of exams so that this doesn't happen again. But for everyone in the Challenge, as well as all the other CFH peeps, keep up the great work. You guys are doing awesome! "CFH...Get in the best shape of your f*ckin' life!"
  17. carl Reply
    you're right, Margo. just trying to keep up with the Bar-Dogg.

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