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Day 7 of the challenge.  On Saturday please put your

total score for the week next to your name on the

board in the box or post to comments section.

For Time:

Run 1 mile  (8 laps)

30 Ring Rows

60 Burpees

  1. carl Reply
    Coach. I think this is a dumb question, but just so I'm sure, is the tally for Saturday to Saturday or Saturday to Friday? thanks.
  2. Leslie Reply
    I had the same question as Carl, but in looking at the handout that looks like a calendar, it appears to be Saturday to Friday. We would need to total up at the end of today and post on the board tomorrow, right? My name is not up on the board-I guess I should write myself in(?).
  3. MT Reply
    Shoots. love burpees! When Dave and I trained in lambertville, Anytime someone got their first Pull-up I would do 50burpees to celebrate.
  4. hamilton Reply
    Carl, It's Saturday to Friday for the tally.
  5. carl Reply
    got it. thanks, Coach. Sorry but I didn't get that hand out. also, thanks for the article. my plan is to "get clean" during the challenge without worrying about how much I'm eating, then start eating more during the BB Club. in other words, emphasize quality over quantity till BBC, then emphasize quality and quantity.
  6. carl Reply
    Major props to Sir Clarence and his effort at noon. U R an inspiration, brother. Keep up the great work.
  7. carl Reply
    whoops. forgot one more thing, Coach. I asked Barry the same question, but want your opinion too. in counting meals, do "snacks" count as meals? I guess a better way to put it is, what is a "meal" and what is a "snack?" want to be sure I am tallying my points and evaluating my eating appropriately.
  8. Jen Reply
    Cindy is required once a week during the challenge, correct? If Cindy wasn’t done during the week, should I deduct a point?
  9. Barry Reply
    Cindy is once at the beginning and once at the end. There are no points associated, simply a benchmark to track progress.
  10. coach Reply
    Snack and meals are the same thing. Make sure you eat five meals. and that doesn't include your post wod meal.
  11. carl Reply
    got it. thanks.
  12. Margo Reply
    Hold up, are you saying the post wod meal doesn't count as one of the 5 meals? I thought anytime you eat protein and fat it's a meal.
  13. Margo Reply
    Ps I love that red wall!!
  14. Danielle Reply
    This new information about the Post Wod "meal" is putting a real cramp in my point system. Why can't the post WOD "meal" count as an actual "meal"? I'm confused. (This post is meant to be read in a whiny voice because that's how it sounds in my head). Happy Friday :)
  15. Rich Reply
    What do I get if I lose more weight then Barry, eating my regular (non-Paleo Challenge) diet? I'm down 3 pounds since Sunday.
  16. Barry Reply
    Rich - you will get nothing by losing more weight than me but I will pay your gym dues for the month if you get more rounds of Cindy than me.
    • Greg P Reply
      DAAAAAAMMMMNNN! That's a challenge right there. Barry said, "You ain't got $hi#!"
  17. carl Reply
    Bar. Coach. hopefully my last question about scoring. can you clarify the "carbs" scoring? is it per meal or per day? thanks.
  18. Jumper Reply
    Barry, I'm in seeing as I already got mire rounds on Cindy than you :) you up for the challenge??
  19. hamilton Reply
    Carbs score is per day not meal, Don't count your post wod meal. Make sure you get your score in by tomorrow or your out of the challenge. This is not a joke. I too like the red wall.
  20. Rich Reply
    Barry, That's a fair challenge. Gonna have to work on my air squats and stamina.

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