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Back Squat 5RM

  1. Rich Reply
    Barry, Any brand/company you would recommend for the D-3 vitamins? Coach, Will there be the 7:00 endurance class tonight?
  2. Stretch Reply
    Rich - CVS had a sale buy one get one free, on i think it was Natural or Nature something. I got the 2000 which had 240 in it for like $16. Barry - Is that ok?
  3. Barry Reply
    Vitamin D is simple and cheap. I use the GNC brand. As long as it is D-3 and there are no fillers in it (read the ingredients) then it is fine. I am not even sure there are brands that put fillers in it but that is the only potential downside I can think of. Again, make sure it is D-3 and thats it. They usually come in 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 international units (IU). I am taking 5,000IU everyday. I may kick it up to 10,000 for the winter. Also, it is fat soluble so take it with a meal.
  4. Nick T Reply
    Link is not working any there is a powerlifting cert at the end of Oct in Pittsburg. I'm thinking of going. If anyone else is interested.
  5. carl Reply
    Barristo. I think I recall Wolff saying that D3 is pretty generic with few quality issues, so cheaper is better. Also think he said the gel metabolizes quicker than the tablet.
  6. carl Reply
    p.s. Where's Tabata?
  7. Odie Reply
    Where are we meeting for the endurance class tonight?
  8. Rich Reply
    Thanks, guys.
  9. Barry Reply
    I believe the proper name you were given yesterday is Opie. I know not of anyone being given the name Odie. Please be guided accordingly sir.
  10. tights Reply
    According to the main site, crossfit rules preclude the use of self assigned nicknames. Also posted on the mainsite today, the "920 Mobilty WOD", formerly known as the "Timmy".
  11. Odie Reply
    Question where did opie come from?
  12. Barry Reply
    O-P-I-E Believe it!
  13. Odie Reply
    I can't do that
  14. margo Reply
    Awesome act of sportsmanship! Kinda made me think of my cfh buddies. :) I don't think you can post links so hope this works!
  15. carl Reply
    great story, Margo. thanks.
  16. coach Reply
    there is no specialty class tonight guys. Next Tues night @7pm.

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