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Hips Meet Bar

Sample Weightlifting Flexibility Program

The Paleo Solution Episode 98

The Shoulder And The Ball

Leaning Out

“Death By Power Clean”

Every minute on the minute increase your reps

starting with 1 on the first minute 2 on the second, 3

on the third.  Go until you can no longer get the

required repetitions for that minute.

Mens #135 Womens #95

  1. Broken Link Reply
    The links are broken. The 2nd extra http// needs to be omitted from the url in the source code.
  2. Stretch Reply
    920 nuff said
  3. Timmy Reply
    Today was certainly a lesson in "careful what you wish for" I think I preferred my WODs on Monday and Tuesday
  4. matt Reply
    920? what did I miss in the 6am today?
  5. Stretch Reply
    for all of you not at 6am today. See if you can put the pieces together between 920 and a prominent member of the morning crue.
  6. tights Reply
    Stretch was on fire, the the WOD started. Timmy got the new nickname he wasn't hoping for. Jane made most of us look weak - no one could keep pace.....I'm sure I'm missing something.
  7. tights Reply
    Stretch, thanks for clearing up that problem with multiple members of the same name.
  8. Stretch Reply
    Just heard from the box, Jane is still going for Death by Power Clean, she is up to 180 reps in a minute. Awesome job this morning to all
  9. Timmy Reply
    I have no response
  10. matt Reply
    I feel so out of the loop and I only missed you guys by like 10 minutes. What's the new nickname?
  11. Stretch Reply
    920 if you google this "military 9/20/11" and do a little bit of scrolling down, you'll have your answer
  12. matt Reply
  13. Timmy Reply
    Stretch, Watch your back! When jumper's arabian knight shows up I'm sending him your way!
  14. Stretch Reply
    920 - Please change your name appropriately not to get us confused with Young Timmy and Timmy who wants to run up mountains all of the time thanks
  15. Bryan Reply
    How has every one failed to mention that Barry stated he'd do ANYTHING to get a "testosterone injection" from Rob Orlando?
  16. Jane Reply
    I am actually embarrassed about "overscaling" this workout! I went way too light on the weight and should still be there in order to make up for it. Everyone else was "beast" It was quite the experience being back at 6 am.
  17. Ron Reply
    You guys definately make the 6am class entertaining.
  18. Timmy Reply
    The timmy's need to have a workout challenge and the winner gets to claim the name. And I think I'm the "run up mountains Timmy" barefoot with my sandbag
  19. Stretch Reply
    Brian - Thank you for posting that, i had completely forgotten that. Barry - You wanted to get injected by Rob Orlando ?? Wow..nothing more to say about that
  20. tights Reply
    We retired original "Timmy" at 6AM, now we have Mountain Tim, anyone know Timmy #3 well enough to throw some nicknames around for him.
  21. Barry Reply
    To be clear I made no injection reference. I simply said I would lick his face if I thought it would give me some of his testosterone and recommended that Bryan attempt to do so at the strong man cert this weekend. I stand by that. Is that wrong? I think not.
  22. tights Reply
    Barry - I was going to ask Detective Ron for his POV on witness testimony. I thought I heard it differently too. That said, IT'S STILL WRONG.
  23. Timmy Reply
    Mountain Timmy, if we are to have a meeting of the Timmys it will have to be during the 6 AM class, young Tim's mom said he has to be home by the time the street lights go on.
  24. Young Timmy Reply
    This name is temporary, and only being used until a nickname is made. let me know when the meeting of the 3 tims is happening and ill be there!
  25. Barry Reply
    I am getting a head ache with all the Timmy stuff. Mountain, Reebok, Opie Next

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