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Olympic Lifting Specialty Class is @7pm.

8 Rounds.

60 Meter Band Sprint.

Place a Kettle Bell at the 60 Meter mark and perform

15 Swings after each run.

This is a Partner wod.  One works while the other


  1. Matt Reply
    Thanks 6am for not letting me go it alone out there with Cindy today. Sorry Timmy.
  2. Barry Reply
    Poor Timmy, he did Cindy all alone yesterday while we did our split jerks and today he did band sprints alone while we all did Cindy. You are a trooper Timmy.
  3. Barry Reply
    By the way stretch, your weather reporting skills are about as good as those guys on tv. That is, not good.
  4. Timmy Reply
    Abandoned two days in a row. I wonder what WOD I can do tomorrow all by my lonesome. Well done for everyone else that battled Cindy this morning! On a side note, there seem to be entirely too many Timmys or variations there of. Any suggestions for a new nickname in order to eliminate confusion amongst the various Tim(my)s. On the other hand I could just lead off any post with some reference to booze and weekend hijinks.
  5. Stretch Reply
    Barry - Trust Stretch, it will be better for your 12pm tee time as it will be for my 1:30pm time. Timmy - was the man today, all by himself, he used to that, but it was still a great performance. I think the other Tim(s) need to get a nickname, Timmy has a WOD named after him, so he can't change. Also Barry, sorry for the F'n nut comment today, you are my inspiration, thanks for your guidance. Great job to the rest of the 6am crew who handled Cindy and all her baggage
  6. carl Reply
    great effort by everyone this a.m. book it and be ready to surpass today's effort in 45 days. Barry, Coach. I have eaten at least five pounds of spinach since Saturday and my forearms have not grown a bit. Does that mean Popeye wasn't real? Maybe that steer heart I bought will not make me strong like bull? blast this paleo diet! all my childhood myths exploded.
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